Sunday, October 3, 2010

Settled Down...

One thing at the moment before you continue reading, this is a super random post,as I have no idea what to write, so basically it's all crapping after this. Just wasting my time around a bit.. XD

Time is flying, it's October, everything is passing so fast and I wonder, what will happen in the next few months when I finally finish my last 3 papers? Off to the corporate world, how stressful can things gets? How busy will I get?And I'm still thinking, big four or to the firms introduced by my uncle? Somehow I secretly wish that I can venture to the corporate world on my own, without any help. But then it all depends on the situation I guess. Well, I shall have to start on my resume anytime soon.

On a separate matter, weeks of misunderstanding, months actually, and it all settle down just nicely. Me and my baby can finally start being ourselves where things should be like, less worrying as before, less stressful. Things were good again, if not busy. Everything is going just right on how it should have been. Miss you baby! =)

And a planned Singapore trip to look forward to somewhere around Christmas (Maybe we can meet up, Lee). But first, the focus is on the exams. 3 more papers, and I shall eat you all up! Two more months, to plan out my study time and working time well. Failure is NOT tolerable! Let's work hard everyone! =)

And I know I've said this before, but once again, I just can't wait for the next One Piece episodes! Just how strong will straw hat Luffy and his crew gets? Show us Eiichiro Oda!


Legend said...

Oh new layout !
But it's kinda hard to read due to the red font.
Do drop by Singapore XD

Patrick said...

Hey, Lee.. Yup, but I have no idea which colour is best.
Should be in Singapore around 24 to 27..

Legend said...

Try making your post section a bit opaque.
Some random CSS codes.
Can try inserting this after the thing you wanna make opaque.
Like after this line :
" background-color: $mainBgColor;"
insert this ;
filter: alpha(opacity=80);
-moz-opacity: 0.80;"

Nice timing... my exams ends on the unless I've something up, definitely can meet up.

Patrick said...

Err.. Where will I actually find that code?lol..