Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy bday Cherish n Wei Bing....=D

A very big HAPPY BDAY to Cherish n Wei Bing!!! 29 Aug for the former n 31 Aug for the latter... finally u 2 joins the world of 21... well, me n 3 frens ( Cheng Seng, Adeline n Yhong...)+ 1 superhero (Ben la...) + 1 unknown (ooops... i mean Ke Min.. XD ) celebrated their bday at Stesen Satu in Medan Putra last Fri nite... a very gd nite... although im vry quiet except near the end (mayb cz its midnite liao... XD)... sry 4 being too quiet ya.. was act havin a bit of a headache... well, enjoy listenin to our Clown Cheng Seng talkin... reli made me laugh alot... n Mr. Superman was alw bz.. 1st come for few minutes n cabut~ed... den join us bac for 1 hr n balik gain... (bz saving the world i guess... XD) n den theres the new guy dat i jz knew... Ke Min joining us ard 11+... Here's sm pics for the event...

Bday Boy n Gal!!

from left : Yhong, Cheng Seng, Bing, Cherish, me n Adeline..

Cherish n Superman (Ben)...

This week has been very good.. the kuantan trip wif Adeline, Ben n Meng was reli great... had a good time there.. Made sm new frens too... Well , i'll describe it more in my next post ya... Ohya.. v act send Bing a bday msg dat v create using the 'Tanggal 31' song when vr in the bus to Kuantan... here's how it goes...

Tanggal 31 Bulan 8 88
Hari yg mulia Hari jadi awak
Semoga kau Bahagia dgn B***
Tanggal 31 bulan 8 88
Merdeka Merdeka Hari kau merdeka
Moga hajat Engkau Tercapai

So wat do u think of it?lol.. it was created by Adeline~trick~Kin~Ben... well, hopefully u 2 bday boy n gal had a blast bday... May ur wish(es) cm true... ^__^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

England+Arsenal=Great! ; No Internet=BORING!!!

First, a big congrats to Andrew Strauss n Co.. Great test in England.. great game.. great victory!!! N farewell to Andrew Flintoff from the world of test cricket.. a great man there... Hooray to England!!!

N als to Arsenal, great start to the season.. 6-1, 2-0, 4-1 n this morning, 3-1 against Celtic!! really great there, esp without injured captain Fab....

Now now.. its been a BLOOODY boring 3 days!!!! a life without internet..(although i stil can fb using my mobile.. XD) reallllyyy s*ckS!! i jz cant imagine how the heck i survived without it before this.. feels like being in a cage, disconnected from ma fb, no msn, no blogging,blah blah blah.....hate it......XD wat a dull life... reli hope my mum get it bac from her fren fast!!! by to9 if possible la.. (can u hear me??...XD) haih.. mayb i shud subscribe 4 a plan... dat shud b beta i guess... hmmmm... (c how la.. haha)..........

this few days mostly on9 in mobile.. (dats costly 2do evry nite... zzz) n the screen is so small!!!! d*mn.....smmore unable to on9 at a time when fb looks so fun... (wif those stupid notesss goin ard...o mayb it looks gd cz i cant on9 la... XD) haih...n can only on9 in office.. T.T conclusion,
(aiyorr..jz say no internet=boring life n fin story muc crap 4 wat..WTH... XD).... i want u bac, internet.....! XD

[P.S. N i reli got it bac today.. bac2 the on9 world.. yeahhh... XD]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lost in the Sea of Thoughts

Finally the exam thingy is over.. Relieved for passing my F5, and at the same time feeling sad for those who did not do well in theirs.. (dun wry, i'll help u curse the markers ya.. XD) And happy for my lecturer, Ms Sanjeetha.. guess what.. 1 of her students in China scoop the world prize for F4 Corporate and Business Law with a 100 MARKS!!!.. a big congrats to her there.. ^.^

Well, this week has been productive, with me started studying at nights at home.. Finally manage to reduce my slack~ing habit (mind you, its just reduced.. ) and disciplined myself to stay occupied with my lecture notes much longer..(dunno how long la..XD) I even managed to complete my Professional Ethics Module for my ACCA course.. really tiring that one.. took me more than 3 hours to complete it.. Was really exhausted after that.. fuh~~

Maybe I should be thankful for being quite busy with my studies and also with the sports fever coming back to me.. Or else I would be thinking a lot.. something that happens a lot lately.. especially when I'm doing nothing.. got lost in my Sea of Thoughts.. thinking this and that.. n in most occasions resulting in me feeling down and no or bad mood.. (WTH.. like that also can a?! XD) swt... how i wish im not such a good thinker.. (haha..)

Occasionally got myself ended up in "Wonderland" too.. always wondering and wishing for so many things in the past.. (yes2..i know i cant get it) there are so many thousands of things that I wish I had done or even try out back at those times..(guess u guys have it too...) N so many roads that I wish I had not taken.. but den, I guess all this contributes to the current me.. I know deep inside that those r my past.. smthing that cant be changed anymore.. but I still allow myself to fantasize about those situations if i were to take a different course of action back then.. XD (SWt~ness..LOL)

Life and feelings.. Such complicated stuffs.. *sigh* Best thing to do is to not think too much i guess.. So i decided to bZ myself with anything I can.. Well, plenty of sports going on to occupy me.. The Ashes 2009 for one, EPL is the other.. a Hiking trip to look forward to next week.. den a few friends birthday comin up.. N my studies too.. manage to find something to motivate me.. n so for the 1st time, (yes, the 1st) i set myself a clear and precise target, something that I havent done before...

Well, i guess dats life.. u jz gotta enjoy every moment of it.. gotta just 'live everyday as if there's no tomorrow!'.. (luv dat song by Uverworld) fuh~~~ wow.. wat a looong post.. so many words 2 look at.. haha.. some of u muz b feelin bored by now.. haha.. well, guess dats all 4 now.. till den, take care evry1..^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Rose by Westlife

Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you it's only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken
who cannot seem to give
and the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose

Monday, August 17, 2009

Exam Results: 3 - 0...YESSSSSS....!!!

YESSSSSS...!! *happy*.. exam results out.. n ALL pass..!! (including my sh*tty F5 paper...Oooops XD) Got 74 for F4 law paper, 52(out of a possible 72.. yeah..^^) for F5 performance management n 71 for F6 tax paper..

Finally, my nightmare (not dat i've any.. more lik of repeating f5 in Mr T's class is gonna end..(oops.. ur not there rite? XD)... hav been thinkin all the while dat i'll b repeating it.. (n i guess dat makes me super happy 2 c dat i passed!!) now now.. better control myself.. gotta concentrate on my comin dec papers ad.. (wow.. sounds so rajin.. n yet im everything BUT dat at at this mo..XD)

Well den, wana grab this opportunity to thk Ms Sanjeetha, Mr Tee n Mr Andrew Kok 4 their lectures and help.. A very big thank you 2 u all..=D esp to Ms Sanjeetha.. reli lik ur classes.. XD (n my fav paper among the 3 too...^^).. well, als wana congrats those dat pass their papers n 4 those dat din do so well, dun wry, its not the end of the world yet.. all the best to u guys.. =)

Well, dats all 4 nw, enjoy the week..!(swt.. its only Mon.. speed up the time pls.. XD)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everton 1 - 6 Arsenal!!!

What a start to the new season!!.. Perfect.. Wonderful.. Great.. 6 goals away at Goodison Park.. Jz how much more can they improve..?! Denilson, Vermaelen(pic), Gallas, FABREGAS (the captain.. 2 goals n 2 assists.. yea!), n Eduardo.. wat a match.. to the top of the table den, Gunners.. too bad Saha grab a consolation in the final minutes.. But hu cares!! surely this'll b our season.. Go go go GUNNERS!!^^

More info at ESPN.. Check out this cool video in you-tube too-->
The Arsenal Pledge:The 2009/2010 season is here and Nike's top athletes are ready. They've set themselves targets and pledged their ambition. They've even put pen to ball and signed the T90 Ascente which will feature in every Premier League fixture. Check out Arsenal's pledges in this film then make your own at
All the way to the trophies, ARSENAL....!!^_____^

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something Positive out of a Bz week..

Well, its been quite a bz week.. a tiring 1 i wud say.. not a very nice week altogether.. but den nt a bad 1.. coz i FINALLY managed to force myself to start STUDYING at home!!(s though u guys care..XD) after so many weeks of slacking n lazy~ing ard.. Certainly a positive thing 4 me.. Esp wif the results comin out tmr on 17th of Aug, i could b even busier if (hope not la.. =.=) my f5 paper is less den 50.....swt!

This weekend is at least so much better den my previous.. wif EPL matches n the PGA Championship to look forward to-->N Tiger Woods is leading by 4 strokes after halfway..yeah!(congrats 2 him on his victory in Firestone Country Club..70th for him there..^^) Makes me recall the 1st time when i read an article on him.. I was wondering wth is this thingy call 'tiger woods'??!..(LOL.. )

In terms of work, not a vry gd week 4 me.. thx 2 a colleague, i hav 2 re-key-in n re-check those account transactions for the whole year!!(d*mn it..n jz bcoz of 1 stupid error!! *cursing* XD) haiz.. 4get bt it.. well, i also had a good chat wif a gd fren abt sm stuff..(stick ur nose smwhere else.. XD) found out dat vr kinda in a similar situation.. *sigh* wat a life..

hmm.. i guess dat wraps up my post 4 this week.. Ohya, b4 i forgot, a very happy bday to Leong Choon Hoong ya.. hope u n ur 'wife' r doin gd..(ru there?.. XD) n wanna wish those stil having exams in uni n those workin ALL THE BEST!!! GAMBATTE!! ^.^ n 4 those waiting 4 their ACCA results, GOOD LUCK ya..!!^__^ .. do share wif me ur gd news ya.. lets tgt hope for the best..=) n to muslims (if u r..) selamat berpuasa ya..(not sure when though..XD) n hpy hol to those havin hol.. (d*mn.. y i dun hv ah..XD)

All rite guys, that's all 4 nw.. take care evry1..^_______________^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exams, i HATE U...!!!!

The 1 word that I hate to hear..(n i guess 4 most of u too) EXAMS..!!! wat the h*** is exam a?? Y muz v b sitting 4 those d*mn~ing exams...??! According to Wikipedia,"The earliest known standardized tests (which included both practical and written components) are the Chinese Imperial Examinations which began in 587"..( those fella reli hv nothin better 2 do durin those days....XD)

Further on, "In Europe, traditionally school examinations were conducted orally. Students would have to answer questions posed by teachers in Latin, and teachers would grade them on their answers. The first written exams in Europe were held at Cambridge University, England in 1792 by professors who were paid a piece rate and realized that written exams would earn them more money."(y the *tut* cant u 'professors' find sm better jobs 2 do wif ur 'super-smart' brain a..??!LOL..)

Juz imagine a world without Exams..!! We can save so many trees from being cut down jz 4 our stupid exam papers.. do u noe it takes 15 trees jz 2 produce those 'hateful' exam papers?!.. so y the heck r they stil wasting resources jz lik dat..?? (fu~yoh..s though i care..XD)

If only those 'fellas' din start this,(d*mn it..XD) den NO ONE wil b havin a headache(ouch..) tryin 2 study 4 their exams, NO ONE wil b depressed jz coz of it , NO ONE will b feeling sad or nervous BCOZ of it, NO ONE will be committin suicide because of the blinking-stupid-EXAMS...!!!

BCOZ of U, EXAMS!!! All bcoz of u.. if you're not here, most of us wun b lookin so old(hey to u whoever ur, u look lik my grandparents!! XD)..n less hair wil b droppin too..(hey u, is dat fashion? XD) If you're nt here, most of us wun b havin sleepless nitess.. no trouble, no worries n blah blah blah.. Imagine how hpy our teachers wil b, no papers to set n mark, no stupid answers to c, save so muc time 4 other activities(u agree wif me, teachers??..XD) wat a wonderful life it wud b WITHOUT U..!! If only U wil jz disappear from this world.. How wonderful it wud b WITHOUT SAY NO to EXAMS!!! Lets BOYCOTT it evry1..XD

[P.S. hey guys, make sure u study 4 ur exams ya.. XD ( suc a hypocrite, postin this n den tellin u all 2 study..LOL).. oh Man, nw i hav a bad feelin for my comin results on Mon.. swt XD)]

[P.S.S. this post is jz a piece crap so if u dun lik it, jz 4get it n i apologize deeply if theres anything dat u find annoying in this..=) n if u lik it, anything to add on guys?? jz leave sm comment ya.. XD]

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here comes EPL 2009/10 Season..!!

Yeah..!! its finally here again.. EPL 2009/2010 Season.. this comin sat.. at last i'll hav smthing to look forward to during the weekends..(weekends hav been reallyyy boring this few weeks...) cant wait to c wat Arsene Wenger n his young squad can do this time.. hopefully can win sm silverware (go go go Arsenal... gun 'em down.. XD) u guys can check out the fixtures here.. to Fab n Co., all The BEST in ur coming matches ya.....!!

One Week to Go!!

swt swt swt.. Exam results comin out in 1 week time.. oh.. nervous? scared? confident?.. reli dunno how im feelin nw.. very worried about my F5 paper.. sh*tty paper.. din plan my time well n ended up din answer a full 20 MARKS QUESTION AT ALL!! now now.. really hope my examiner not so greedy.. hopefully hes kind enuf to make me pass..(can u c this, Geoff Cordwell? XD) reli dun wish 2 re-take this paper.. n dun wanna c the lec again too..!(oops.. hope he din c this..LOL) my other 2 ppl shud by ok(hopefully so la..) Well, wish me luck ya guys.. N to Geoff Cordwell, will u giv me a pass..? Say YES pls......XD
[P.S. gd luck to all others dat r waiting for their results too..=) ]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

KTM Komuter

I was reading one of my friend's blog n i came across this topic n i tot i wud talk abt our "Very Efficient KTM Komuter" in my blog too(since i'm feeling a bit free now..XD)..Let me jz ask u guys 1 question before dat..Can u imagine 1 day when our commuter service is as efficient as those in Singapore, Hong Kong or even Japan?!(LOL..i guess dats mission impossible huh..)

1 year ago when i started taking the train for my classes, i rmb seeing a notice stating dat they r 'upgrading' their services n wud b lessening the no. of trains in their schedule..N 1 year on, all i c is the inefficient train becoming more n more inefficient..Delays all the time(esp during peak hrs n rain..), cancellations(hate it esp when it happens when i wanna board it..damn!) n breakdowns is now a common thing..Worse still, it's so packed(during peak hrs esp)with ppl dat its so uncomfortable to b in it..

I guess most of u have had bad experiences wif ktm..the day b4(fri, 7th Aug) I was going on the 'limited stop' commuter..n theres this old Indian lady askin whether the train will stop in Seputeh n guess wat..the ktm fella told her it wil when its act nt n the train is ad moving..N she was scolding "wth, u working guys dunno where the heck this train is going??"(wth..they dun even noe their own train schedule..)

Well, if u want a better article, u can read this at Stand Up For Malaysia blog posted by Jonathan Ong(a nice blog if u ask me..interesting for any1 who wants 2 know more issues on our own country..) Well, thats all for now.. Till then, enjoy your weekend every1..^^

Mikage Ishi by Uverworld

Hey,guys..Just wana share wif u all the translation of this japanese song dat i lik very much..My fav..Enjoy!^^

Mikageishi by Uverworld

English Title: Will That Casts a Beautiful Shadow
Lyrics & Music by: TAKUYA

There are a countless number of small crossroads in life
We each have our respective futures that we've chosen up ahead, their shapes will change
But no matter what kind of future, I think that we'll be together
For example, if you hadn't come to the store that we first met in
And if I hadn't noticed you at the crosswalk, where we met for the second time
If we were to meet for the first time today, I would still fall in love with you

The sound of the words "I love you" shines as the days increase
Just by being together in an empty rom, everything is so wonderful
With the single phrase "I love you"
You're saying that you can accept all of my bad habits
During those times I fall in love with you so many times that in your heart you'd be embarrassed

"You say that it's for us, but all you do is work"
"I want you to treasure your friends, but do you love me?"
I gave you so many lonely memories that you don't know the answers to these things if you don't ask

Yesterday I heard a conversation that went like this
That Olympic athlete, in his own uniform
Wrote his son's name and got a gold medal
When a person is burdened with something, it makes them stronger
That's definitely something that I say, but what about you?

Just being together gets me through the nights that I shed tears
Smiling and saying "Being too happy is painful", then looking at you
I really thought that I wanted to grow old with you
It's good to cry like a woman, but sometimes it's good to cry like a man too
If we can live each other like human beings
You won't need your fashionable appearance or dignity
And I won't need pretend like I'm tough anymore

When I saw the wonderful scenery, before being moved I thought
I wish I could show this to you
I had planned to live my life for myself, but before I knew it
Your happiness was my own

Knowing the words that I'll say in the next of the constant conversations
I say them right away; Pretending to be annoyed by
The anniversaries that you seem to want to accumulate, the truth is that I'm listening closely
I feel that I want those wishes to come true to what extent that they can
Just a little bit would be fine: I want to get a dog in the house
And have kids, but we're only together sometimes on the weekends
It's definitely not going to be nothing but fun times
But it will be fine as long as we can smile and go to sleep together in the end

Until love that was born with no form goes one day into a world with no form
Because we're connected, the feelings we wish for and our anxieties are the same

Just being together gets me through the nights that I shed tears
Being too happy, there are days when things will get painful
Lovers are all searching, so let's find the answer to true love together