Friday, February 26, 2010

Shred of Thoughts...

Life pretty much settles down to how it was before CNY-classes, work, studies, etc. Taking 4 subjects certainly ain't gonna be easy, though with lesser classes to attend, I actually feel better. And failing certainly got me to start studying, that somehow I manage to get myself to sit still at my study table and actually concentrate, which is like the first in dunno-how-many-months-time.

And with the CNY gone, time seems to be flowing pretty fast lately, well, to me. Somehow June doesn't seems to be very far away. It's already approaching the end of February, and I felt like I haven't got much up my sleeves yet.


I guess it's just one of the challenges I have to go through for now. Nothing comes easy and free, just gotta work hard for it, to achieve what I aim for!


It's another public holiday today, and with class postponed, I'm facing a free day, with no work as I decided to stick to my 2-days-a-week policy for now to concentrate on studies. So I guess it's another study day again, probably with a basketball session providing the weather does not give in. Though I should probably keep in mind of my ankle, which was sprained a fortnight ago and further aggravated by my recklessness. Getting better though but still facing a slight pain in making sharp turning movements.

And it's getting late. I guess I better turn in now. Well, adios for now! =D


-a-i-w-o-o-n- said...

June is when I can go home and it still seems so far away to me =(

I hope it will come faster.
before i even notice.

Legendary Drifter said...

How's ur ankle now? Be careful ya...
Taking 4 papers this round? F7,9 P1 and ?

Chin EveLyn said...

take good care & get well soon with proper rest (=

best of luck on your studies (;

Patrick said...

Aiwoon-Get busy and I'm sure time flies..=)

Shirley-Getting better. The last paper is p3. How bout you? Which papers are you taking?

Evelyn-Thanks.. =D

Adeline Tan said...

hey! take extra care on your ankle. best to keep it rested to fully recover. if not, probability to get sprained again is very high.
all the best in your studies... one of the sentence sound very familiar... haha...

Patrick said...

Adeline-Thanks. Which sentence anyway?

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Sorry you failed 2 but if you have grown from the experience, which it sounds like you have, then it is not a failure at all. Good luck!

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