Monday, March 29, 2010

The Piece of Blue Sky....

A look at the clear blue sky,
comes a vague memory of a young boy's talk,
"I want to touch the sky someday."
And a vague memory of a reply,
"Then you have to work hard for it, boy."
With thoughts of astronauts and spaceships filling up his mind,
this boy moves on with his childhood life,
unknown of the hardships and toughness of the real world outside,
living a happy & ordinary life, a carefree life...

As time flows by,
as this boy becomes more mature with every passing reality,
as countless thoughts passed his mind interchangeably,
he came to realize,
that all he wants is to just to find his own piece of blue sky.
A blue sky, ever-changing on the outset, but never deep inside.
A place that he wished for,
a place where he believes he belongs to...

And with that thought,
he embark on his journey of life,
in search of that piece...


charhcy said...

You wrote this yourself?

Legendary Drifter said...

Dream follower...thumb up =) No matter what happens, never give up ya :)

Jimmy Bastard said...

Interesting prose, you may have found your niche.

Patrick said...

@Char Yea, found the inspiration and idea after i woke up. Haha..

@Shirley The same goes to you, my friend. =)

@Jimmy I hope i have. =)