Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time and Again : The Few Common Problems...

Facing my lecture notes on the table,
going through the lines of words that I have to take in,
I ask myself,
"Why am I reading back the same line over and over again?!"

Looking at the wall opposite me,
staring into space, mind deep in thoughts,
again I ask myself,
"Why can't I concentrate and focus well?!"

Strolling around the web,
trying to relax this cloudy mind,
but then I ask myself,
"Why come the headache? Damn the weather..."

As the clock automatically ticks away,
gulping up the remaining time I have left,
"Buck up, young man.
Remember, even one day can make a whole lot of difference. Use the time well..."


Duncan said...

recently the weather are hot n bad.. take k yah,relax^^

Patrick said...

You too, Duncan.. =)