Friday, November 26, 2010

On a Rainy Night...

On a rainy night, up storm a bullet of thoughts in my mind..

It's like, 'OMG! It's just about ONE WEEK left! WTH have I been doing?'
And really, what have I been doing? Really OMG. Time really flies~

It's like, 'I wonder how much a person in love will fork out...'
Everything truly sincerely from deep down?
I seriously want everything to stay the way it is for many many years to come...

It's like, 'to the God that might exist somewhere, what is there of my future?'
What kind of life will it be? How hard? How good or bad?
I wonder, can it stay the same?
The same as now...

And one last thought,
it's like, 'Will there be less lies, more honesty and frankness from people I know?'
Can I hope to meet less lies and 'fake' people in the roads to come?
Can I hope all those around me stay true to me?
May things be how it is even if everything else changes..

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