Friday, January 15, 2010


Anime (アニメ, an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of "animation", pronounced [anime] in Japanese, or /ˈænəˌmə/ in English) is animation originating in Japan. The world outside Japan regards anime as "Japanese animation". Anime originated about 1917.
That's from Wiki all right. I guess you guys know what that is. Some call it cartoon, or that's what most of the adults call it. Well, as some of you might know, I enjoy watching them. Some of those that I really like includes:-
  • Gundam Seed
  • Gundam Seed Destiny
  • Gundam 00
  • One Piece
  • Code Geass
  • Clannad
  • D-Grayman
That's some of those that I like. Yeah, most of them goes with the theme of war. To me, they carry lots of meaning in their show, not just any simple cartoons. In a war, you will have lots of conflicts going on, self-conflicts, cloose friends, love, country and blah blah. I know the anime just exaggerate things a lot, but still, it's just a show after all. And maybe you might want to place yourself in those kind of situations and see how you fare.

I do know lots of people don't really see what's so interesting with them. I guess different people have different likings. To me, anime brings in a world where lots of things that's impossible become possible. There are some things that I feels a real movie, and by that I mean those made with real actors, will not be able to be produced to be as good as what anime can. Just an opinion.

Well, enough with the babbling. I have no idea why I'm posting these anyway. Days have been busy these days, though they were good. Hope yours are too. =)

And here, I introduce the song 'Fields of Hope' by Rie Tanaka. Pretty old song but I hope you enjoy it. =)

Fields of Hope
Gundam Seed Destiny
Rie Tanaka

konna ni tsumetai tobari no fukaku de
anata wa hitori de nemutteru
inori no utagoe sabishii nohara wo
chiisa na hikari ga terashiteta

anata no yume wo miteta
kodomo no you ni waratteta
natsukashiku mada tooku
sore wa mirai no yakusoku

itsuka midori no asa ni
itsuka tadoritsukeru to
fuyugareta kono sora wo
shinjiteiru kara
Fields of hope

umarete kita hi ni dakishimete kureta
yasashii ano te wo sagashiteru
inori no utagoe hitotsu kiete mata hajimaru
tayorinaku setsunaku tsuzuku

itsuka midori no asa e
subete no yoru wo koete
sore wa tada hitori zutsu
mitsukete yuku basho dakara

ima wa tada kono mune de
anata wo atatametai
natsukashiku mada tooi
yasuragi no tame ni
Fields of hope

natsukashiku mada tooi
yakusoku no nohara
Fields of hope
Fields of hope


Beneath a veil so cold and deep,
I watched you as you deeply sleep
The melody of prayer; on the lonely fields,
a little light shone

I watched as you dreamed
You laughed like a child
So dear, and yet so far -
That is the promise of our future

That one day, on a green morning,
One day, we will make it there
Because in this wintered sky
We still believe
Fields of Hope

On the day we were born, we were embraced
And now we search for those gentle hands again
The melody of prayer; one vanishes,
And all begins again; a powerful, painful continuation

One day, to that green morning,
We'll cross through all these nights
Because that is the place each one of us searches for

Now, within my own heart,
I want to keep you warm
So dear, and yet so far -
In the name of peace
Fields of Hope

So dear, and yet so far -
The fields of promise
Fields of Hope
Fields of Hope


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved the poetry.

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Patrick said...

Glad you like it, Julie! =)

-a-i-w-o-o-n- said...

hey! I like the song very much!!! and i think quite a few songs in gundam are quite nice (if u wonder, no, i neva watch, but got to know from my bro =)..)

and thanks for letting me know gundam seed, gundam seed destiny and gundam 00 are diff things!

Patrick said...

LOL, when I first heard of them, I also didn't know they are different from each other.

And yea, there's plenty of nice songs in that anime. Glad you enjoyed this..=)