Monday, January 4, 2010

There Goes My holidays...

New Year had just ended. So how's your New Year, guys? Fun? I guess it is. Nothing great for my New Year, but not a bad one. Went to Desa Parkcity to watch the fireworks display. Man, it was damn crowded there. And worse thing is after the fireworks ended, as you guys know, there's nothing to do there. So I ended up joining some friends for 'late-night' or rather an early morning 'yum-cha' session in SS2 Murni.

And then the day after, we had a small ex-5E meet for a movie-Cirque du Freak and mamak session at Spicy. Roughly 6 to 7 person made it. Quite some time since I met with them, seems like everyone doing great! And the final day of my holidays, well, nothing great-just a birthday party sums it all.

With that, my holidays end, signaling the beginning of a new semester. 2010 should be my final year, or hopefully it is. It's finally the professional papers-meaning I really should get serious now. I've been doing my best not to be enjoying too much this holidays-hoping that I can focus better in my studies.

Well, I'm not gonna write much here. Doesn't seem to have much mood to blog. Well, hope you guys have a good year ahead! (and the same to me! XD)

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