Sunday, January 2, 2011


the beginning of a lot of things, 
the ending of another year...

So how did mine began? It started with killing a cockroach (pity it, it's just 2 hours left to the new year.. xP), watching the anime at home, and then fell asleep, a peaceful new year at home with my baby Chin EveLyn, albeit with some 'cockroach fear' syndrome round the night. 

Lots of things didn't go as planned in 2010, including the last day of the year itself. Of all the days, why must it be a public holiday that day? It's not like we won the World Cup! Arghhh... And now I couldn't collect my new I/C as planned, nor have I received my interview outcome at E&Y yet!

Singapore with baby was great! We went there together with her sister and brother-in-law for 4 days and 3 nights, lots and lots of walking, tiring but fun! Not to mention the awesome shots from Lee at Esplanade in my previous post, thanks Lee! =) Plenty of shopping and sightseeing, and yet we ended up still having extras from our budget..

And interview was......well, I don't think it's that bad. At least mine is a one-on-one interview. And the interviewer was very friendly too! Though I did actually get very nervous before and during the interview, with a bit of luck, hopefully I'll start my job there in about a week time. 

All thoughts on 21st of February, I do hope that I pass all my exams, or else...I hate to think of the prospect of having to re-take my papers so so much......ah, forget it for now...

So there, before I end this, Happy 2011 people! May 2011 brings you joy, success and much happiness! =)

P.S. Let's stay sweet and close like we were always baby, not just 2011, but forever throughout our life! ;)

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