Sunday, April 4, 2010


Frustrated I am here..
Venting it all out here,
letting the time to gobble it up,
for I wish NOT for conflict,
nor do I wish for childish quarrel.

In this 21 years of my life,
if you still understand me NAUGHT,
if you're still caught up with your 'dogmatic' way of thinking,
so be it...

I have NO intention of explaining,
UNinterested in clearing up your doubts and misunderstanding,
nor do I care any longer about who's right and wrong,
as TIME flows relentlessly by,
my priority needs sorting out,
FOCUS! That's what I need...

Guidance, I might need still...
Advices, I might seek still...
Experiences, I might be lacking still...
But a child I am NO longer!
As I choose my own path, 
shaping it with my own hands,
for at the end of the day,
a FACT that is unchangeable and undeniable,
that THIS is MY LIFE!


Legendary Drifter said...

Oh boy...chill...take those unpleasant things as your life =)

f8hasit said...

Well Patrick...that's the mot eloquent way of telling someone to back off!
I hope everything works out for you.

Patrick said...

Shirley-Haiz..Already past..Just need some time to forget it..

Nancy-Thanks. Hope you're doing good there, Nancy..=)