Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Be Myself Again...

As the two roads converge,
bringing with it the two souls,
as they started out on a journey together,
growing by the day just like the spring,
filled with the warmth of summer,
a journey as beautiful as the autumn itself,
but then out of nowhere,
a cold war of the winter erupted,
and bringing with it the end to the journey...

Feeling void and lonely,
wandering around aimlessly without any sense of direction,
as the world turns darker and darker,
he thought of the happy times back then,
wishing that everything now is just a dream,
alas, those are nothing but a memory now,
left just the scars and the cold nostalgia...

To stand tall and tough, he told himself,
striving himself to work hard,
keeping his calm and cool in check,
facing the days with a smile as genuine as he could,
and with the support and advices of fellow friends,
he pushes himself forward,
back to the path of life that he strayed from,
in search of dreams once again...


Legendary Drifter said...

Maybe you should try to write sonnet =)

Patrick said...

haha. Very hard la. I'm not so geng la. XD

Hee said...

Study hard la~~ XP

Patrick said...

Nola, I study smart..XP

Hee said...

How smart????

Patrick said...

How smart a? Smart lo.. XP