Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maybe I am dreaming...

Lying on the white pebble beach,
listening to the rushing sound of the water,
bathed by the light of the full moon,
as I gaze at the galaxy of stars high above,
hoping to see meteor showering the sky,
enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of the moment,
of a smaller world separated from its bigger piece...

Alone I am on this island,
free from the hustle and bustle of city life,
filled with the wonderful scent of nature,
as thousands of fireflies stroll around everywhere,
just like a replica of the starry sky above,
lighting up the whole island like as though it is alive,
a beautiful scene,
a beautiful memory to be preserved forever...

Up I get to walk around the island,
towards the source of the music of nature,
humming about the silent night in a relaxed manner,
as I feel the cool fresh air deep inside my lungs,
then comes the dripping sound of the rain,
filling the air with coldness and wetness,
as the night gets older by the minute,
bringing more and more light to the darkness...

Out come the sun from the east,
as the rain decelerate from a drizzle to a stop,
bringing out the seven colors of the rainbow,
of which it is said the ends connects two unknown worlds,
as I walk towards the center of the island,
a point that oversees the whole tiny island,
high up above all, just like the throne of a King,
such a dreamlike place, a fantasy, maybe I am just dreaming...


Legendary Drifter said...

Nice wonderful dream...Lucky you are still able to dream...cherish...

Chin EveLyn said...

Able to dream such a dream..
in other word, means--- you're still alive & surviving ((=

Patrick said...

@Shirley =)

@EveLyn LOL. I think the fact that I'm able to write this out at this moment signifies that I'm still alive & surviving, ain't it? =)