Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Approximately a day left to my first paper, somehow I'm feeling calm but sick and stressed up! Holy crap! Good or bad? No idea. I just wanna get it over as soon as possible. Sigh... Bless me.. I should continue studying now... >.<



sleepy kid said...

lolx..will be ok d..really wish u can go through all these paper well...
one lecturer said b4..
the most beautiful thing in the world is u take 4 paper in ACCA exam..and u pass all at 50marks..haha..^^
mb u will aim for the higher..anyway..all the best ba!!!

hooi hooi said...

Hey Patrick! Ter-stumbled here from your twitter XD

Good luck in your papers! Just believe in yourself & know that - all you can do is your best! =)

Patrick said...

@SleepyKid- Thanks! Hope you're doing good too. Btw, you have any blog link or what? Cause I can't really find it. Well, if you really don't mind.. =)

@hooihooi- Welcome to my blog! =)

And thanks! Yea, I'll do just that. Hope you're doing well too.. =)