Sunday, November 15, 2009


I finally watched 2012! It was, well, just like everyone said-great! You should know what I mean, as I think you would have watched it. The seats for the show were fully booked, even till the evening show! But luckily I was watching alone, so I manage to get a single seat right at the middle of the hall-just the perfect place! The show, is just like what everyone said. Really nice but I must agree with my brother that the ending is kinda weird. I mean, shouldn't Judgment Day or Apocalypse or End of the World or whatever else names it has be, well, really the end of the world? Like everyone dead, Earth gone, the sun just *bang* and that's it. Well, not gonna complain, it's a nice show. But Man, I can do with all the luck that main character is having. To be able to survive through so many near-death situation, SO MANY! Wow. Just wow. I'm just speechless. Wonder how long I can survive if I'm in his place. Like 1 second? Maybe not so bad. How bout few minutes?lol..

So there, really worth it waking up that early just for the show. I barely sleep yesterday. Just a few hours and up I go. Hmmm.. Well well, going back to the show, imagine if 2012 is really, well, hope not, the end of the world, the Judgment Day, what will you do? Go out all day and enjoy yourself to the maximum before the end? Party whole night? Withdraw all your savings and spend, spend and spend? Or you're gonna repent from all your sins? Give it a good thought, won't ya? By the way, I suddenly thought of this-that if you choose to spend all your savings, party, drop out of work and so on just because the end is near, and then suddenly the end just never come, just like the show. Just imagine how you'll feel. That's gonna be a freaking shitty hell situation!!

Really satisfied. =D And I saw the trailer for Prince of Persia. Oh yes, that's one show that's going into my must-watch list! Definitely! have a look at the trailer below. Well, a satisfactory Sunday! How's yours? All right, for now, back to my studies...


Angeline Chang said...

the movie was okay.. quite meaningful and touching, especially the dr. Adrian Helmsley scenes at the behind part.. =)

yeah, the cinema was super full.. i watched it at 12am to 3am.. although it was late, the cinema was super full also.. all the seats are fully taken..haha..

Patrick said...

Yeah, it was! Nice! =D

Bravebear said...

Have yet to watch it T.T The bus at my place doesn't go to Jusco liao le. So the very mahfan.

I won't spend all money lor on that last dying moments. Would rather take the opportunity to enjoy the view on a summit and perhaps make out there and lose my virginity. LOL!

Reema B. said...

Although I used to like plots behind the video games of Prince of Persia (my brother used to play them), it isn't a good representation of what Ancient Persia really was like...*sigh* the West seem to enjoy altering whatever they touch. On a positive note, I'd love to watch the movie myself; seems pretty exciting!


You're more than welcome to come visit the Tea House at

Patrick said...

Thanks for visiting, Reema... You have a nice blog there..=)