Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain, rain and rain!!

Damn the weather! It's been raining this few days. Such a nice time to sleep and yet I can't!!! Got to revise, revise and revise! I can fall asleep by just lying down on my bed or the sofa and then there goes my day. Sigh... And it's been raining the whole day today! *sleepy* And everyone seems to have finished their exam by now! Damn! Why can't my exam ends as the same time as theirs?!!

2012! Seems like a good movie after reading some positive rating and review of it in facebook and blogs. But seriously, why must this kind of good movies comes out at the wrong time??? I wanna watch it! Really regretted not following my family out just now for that show. Wondering whether I should steal some time off from revision and go for it. Hmmm.. Maybe I should.. Anyone out there free? XD (Study la! Watch what watch! you've been slacking so much these days, still got time for movie!)

Another boring week. Another boring day to come. Weekends from now on will be occupied with at least 6 hours of revision class! *Slowly dying* Sigh... Feel like skipping work.. Maybe I will.. Hmmm... Well, time to get back to my books.. Enjoy your weekend!

[P.S. Suddenly my sis told me I have to fetch her to Jusco tomorrow, so maybe I will get to watch it!hehe...]

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