Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love My 21st!!! =DDDDDDDD

I love my 21st birthday!! Love it so so much. Thanks for all the wishes, celebrations, treats, presents, efforts, time and everything else. I had my present from Mum. I had Sum and Adeline staying over on my birthday eve after a supper of dimsum at Menjalara. I had my first ice skating experience at Sunway Piramid-luckily the photographer was busy trying to walk on the ice to take my awkward pose when trying to balance myself and when I fell..XD A great dinner at La Casa, Desa Parkcity, birthday cake and present from Ben, Sum, Meng, Lee, Wei Chean, Bernard, Adeline, Dreamie, Cherish and Chengseng & Weibing(not present for the dinner). Another cake from family. A call all the way from Australia from Ms Jarl Li, thanks so much. (but don't forget the present.. XP) A big amount of wishes in facebook and also sms from friends-THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDD

It was really great, yeah it is! Except for the time when we got lost thanks to those confusing signboards, where I ended up going south instead of north to kl from sunway, causing to turn 1 big round... It's the best birthday celebration I ever had. Really indescribable, just love it! =DDDDDDDD Have a look at some of those pics!

 Us at La Casa..
 Sum, Legend and me..

Another one..
 Legend ss~ing with Chean

SS Queens with DSLR!!?
Cake time...
 Wishing time~~
 Blow 'em off~~
 Cutting time..
 Walk at the lake_1
 Walk at the lake_2
 Like the wrapper! =DD
 Presents! Shirt + cap from friends, ring from mum.. =DD
 How do I look? XD
Love it! =DDDDDDDD

Thank you guys so so so much!! ほんとに ありがとございます!! Really had a great day. Thanks for going through the trouble-Lee(fly back from Sing), Sum(back from Kelantan), Adeline, Ben, Chean, Cherish, Bernard, Meng(having exams around the corner), Dreamie (busy queen..thanks for wrapping it so nicely!) and Jarl Li(call to wish from Aus). Thanks for making my 21st a memorable one! And all the best and work hard to all of you!! ^__________^


Chibimoni said...

Hoho...baru realize i belum wish u tho i know ur bday. Happy Belated birthday!! Guess din say oso ok lo oh. U seems to be enjoying ur day alot. Wakaka...nice friends u have there. Sayang them more. Btw u n itu Sum quite look alike...LOL! and why only the adidas logo shines so brightly? Hahhaha...anyway, wish all ur dreams come true and good luck for ur coming exams!

Adeline Tan said...

Happy Birthday! didn't really wish you yet apart from last nights birthday song... haha

really did enjoy our ice-skating experience... yeah, thank goodness sum was too busy ice-stepping to bother taking pics of us jerking here and there... haha XD

totally agree on the signboards... but one thing though, can take it as lessons to teach us patience... at least that's what i do lah... haha... sometimes must have some 'Ah Q jing shen'... hehe..

Patrick said...

Chibimoni-Didn't say is not okay lo. So many thanks for your wishes ya! =DDDD

Adeline-What's ah Q jing shen? Well, thanks for wishes and everything!=DDDD

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Happy belated Birthday! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Patrick said...

Thanks, Julie! =D

Sang Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Patrick.

Welcome to the world of legally sanctioned hangovers ;)

Patrick said...

Thanks, Sang.. =D