Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Feel Like Blogging Now..

退屈な!Bored. Still in office here, enjoying the nice internet connection here, and feeling relieved it's finally Wednesday. That means a rest day tomorrow for me-no work, no class-before revision classes starts on Friday. Phew~~ A free day for me to study. Might get myself to some nice places to study perhaps. Let's see whether I can get my lazy ass to move tomorrow.. XD

So any nice movies around? Well, I just watched Inglorious Bastards on Sunday with Ben and Adeline. Well, the movie, just like the name- full of bastards?! Not up to my expectation at all, making me regret not watching Law Abiding Citizen recommended by someone lining up behind us. Just another stupid show, but kinda funny though. Too bad I'm not interested in this kind of show at the moment, especially as Cloudy blah blah~ movie is the last movie I watched before this.

Been working for the past two days, three if include today. Why work so much when I could have study? Cause I wanna save money for some things. So no choice but to work. And the wound in my ankles still haven't healed, but I'm already wishing for another round of skating. Enjoyed the feeling when gliding (maybe not that smooth) on the ice. Maybe after my exam perhaps, 2nd round to begin..=D

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be one fine day for me, and also to you guys! Before I forgot, a big thanks once again for the wishes, celebrations, cakes, messages, present, etc etc for my birthday! Really enjoyed my 21st, thanks to you people. ^________^  It's Arsenal vs AZ Alkmaar and Yankees vs Phillies tomorrow. So go Gunners! And go Yankees to the World Series crown! D.Jeter, A-Rod, J-Damon, M.Texeira,...-Run feast please; and Pettitte-Strike them all out! =D



Julie Magers Soulen said...

Sorry you were bored. I want to go see the movie, "Men Who Stare at Goats". Have you seen it?

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Patrick said...

Hey, Julie! Nope, haven't watch that. Doubt it'll be aired in my country so early, if it is to be. Maybe I'll try to get a soft copy of that. Thanks for suggesting..=)