Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Exam is over! Yeah! that's like 'Finally!'. I'm not gonna say I did well for my papers but I can worry about that when February comes. So now what should I do?

Out for a movie? Not much nice movies around, or should I say none of the movies are what I feel like watching now..

Basketball game! Sadly, my ankle is still kinda swollen. It won't be fun not to play at the maximum.

How about a book? Any nice suggestions? Some nice fiction, romance, adventure, thriller,... will do. Went to MPH to look around but not sure what to get.

Watch anime. Well, that's what I'm doing nowadays. And I'm running out of supply soon.

Work...that's a sure to! Gotta earn some money now that it's holidays.

What else is there......


Well, just gotta think something out myself. Two weeks of free days ahead of me. And it's gonna be Christmas and then New Year soon! Time flies and 2010 is already approaching. It felt like yesterday I was celebrating the coming of 2009 earlier this year at the Curve. Well, well, well... Time to enjoy! =D


Jimmy Bastard said...

Enjoy as much as life will offer you my friend.

charhcy said... jealous....=( I've got 1 more paper left on Sat. Pendidikan Moral! Argh... Anyway, we should so have a Christmas dinner together. Interested? Maybe I can get my family to open up our house for some bbq or something...=)

Patrick said...

Jimmy-Sure to! =D

Charhcy-Moral??! lol. Never mind. Few days away to saturday. Christmas dinner together? Sure, why not! Just give me a message! =)