Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ouch! That Really Hurts!

He shot it. A 3 pointer.But No-it didn't go in.

Then I jumped, trying to get the rebound but the opposite team member got it first.

I landed. Took a step forward with my right foot. And then..


That really hurts! And seconds later, I was on the floor, clutching my ankle.


And pain it is! It has never hurt like that before. Most of the time I got away with a few seconds of pain and numbness, and then it'll be okay. But not this time. It took me minutes to finally be able to run around a bit, using my left leg more than my right, and barely able to jump.

My right ankle is now swollen-displaying a big lump.And a really bad one it is. I could barely walk properly now. Limping more like most of the time. Shifting more burden to my left leg.

Just hope it will get better soon. Wouldn't want to get stuck at home with a bad ankle for long. I need more time for sports...


Bravebear said...

you arrr.... be careful la... wish you fast recovery ^^

Patrick said...


流浪的梦想家 said...

Oh be careful boy...hope you recover soon :)

Patrick said...

Thanks, Shirley! =)