Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'mas!

It's Chhrrriiiiissssstttmmaaaaaaaaasssss!!!

Merry X'mas folks! 25 December it is! And it's also a public holiday, which means a whole free day for me! No work, no nothing. By the time this post is posted up, I should be somewhere in the cinema in 1U watching Sherlock Holmes. =D

I've been working mostly during my holidays. My last two days of work was mostly in Wangsa Walk at Wangsa Maju where my aunt just opened a new bowling centre. Looks great from my point of view, though she thinks there is still plenty of areas to be improved. I was sent there to help around, though I actually don't really know what I really need to do. This just show how lacking I am in terms of experience. So ended up just looking around most of the time.

On the first of my 2 days there, I followed my aunt's car there, driven by her personal driver of course. Then while on the way back to the car at the main entrance of the shopping complex, I just couldn't help feeling a bit smug, with the people staring at me and my aunt, going into the back seat of the car, you know, like you're an important or rich person. Wow! First time I felt like that actually. XD

Enough about work. So it's Christmas! What are you gonna fill up your day with? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great time out there! Time flies and the day will soon be gone. Let's cherish it while it's here.


Can't think of anything to post about at the moment.


Wait! I think I hear something!

*Prick up my ears*

*Jingle~ Jingle~*

*Hoof Sounds*


Ho ho ho... MERRY X'MAS!!

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