Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Ending & The Beginning

With the Christmas gone, few days on, there will be a new year to look to, another beginning and another ending. There ends 2009, and comes 2010. And with that also comes my new semester. It's time to concentrate back to my studies-with the professional level papers underway, it's really time to get serious, and hopefully, I do not repeat whatsoever mistake I've done this year.

Christmas had been good this year, maybe not the best but certainly an enjoyable one to me. (Hope you guys did too..) I had a great movie, basketball games with my neighbourhood pals (my first since I injured my ankle) and I even got a Christmas gift-a watch! Okay, it's not really a Christmas gift, just a gift I received during Christmas, or maybe it is, arghh.. whatever it is.

It had been some time since I felt satisfied after watching a show. And Sherlock really did the job. I've been a fan of the book for a while now, and I made no secret that it would be one of the shows that's on my 'must-watch' list. And as usual, I did not put much expectation, learning from the past that doing so will do me no good, what with those recent movies that did badly to really capture my attention. But it turns out great! Well, at least it did for me, if not for you. I'll be waiting for the sequel, hopefully it'll be good-the battle between Sherlock and Professor Moriarty.

And buffet! Oh, I'm really getting tired of these. I've been going for quite a few of those recently, and I certainly think it'll take me some time before I set foot in one again! It's pretty uncomfortable to eat too much just so that it's worth it, or maybe I'm just getting a bit old for that. (haha..)

Well, well, well.. Looking back at 2009, it's been an eventful year after all, even if it had not been so productive in terms of my studies. Some new experience, new friends, new knowledge, some changes- well,not bad after all. So then, for the new year, I wonder...

How will it be like?

How different will it be from the previous ones that had left me?

What new things will I acquire and learn for the coming year?

How much change would take place?

And how different will I be?

Well, time will tell...

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