Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ramblings of PLJH....

Arggghhh.. Wish to be anywhere but here. Feeling so tired and so unprepared for my revision classes. Sigh.... Notes, books, library...oh, can't dec 15 come faster??Hmmm.. on second thought better don't. I'll fail every paper if it does..XD

Pretty bored and tiring nowadays. It's always work, study, work, study.. I actually thought of going for a movie, using the GSC voucher that is gonna expire soon, but it's always-no time, don't feel like it, or feeling lazy to go to the cinema.. And it seems like the mood for japanese language is back. Yea, I'm studying back from where I left it few months back. The next thing to master-katakana character.(One of the three form of writing in japanese) Learning Jap is one of the thing I do when I don't feel like touching my (damn UN-interesting..XD) notes nowadays, apart from watching drama series and musics..

So why am I here now? Well just don't feel like revising after a long day in college. And since I have no idea what to blog about...maybe I'll just crap something on Japanese language. Well, as you know(or maybe you don't) Japanese writing system consists of three types of character-Kanji, hiragana and katakana.  

Kanji are basically chinese characters. Hiragana on the other hand is used for grammatical items such as particles, suffixes and inflectional endings and the native Japanese words not covered by kanji. Katakana is used for non-Chinese foreign names, loan words from the West and most of imitative expressions. (don't understand? never mind.. just forget it.. I know you are not interested...haha) And the one that I know is just the hiragana set.(and a bit of kanji as well, since it's chinese character.)

あ い う え お
a   i   u   e   o
か き く け こ
ka  ki  ku  ke  ko
さ し す せ そ
sa  shi  su  se  so
た ち つ て と
ta  chi  tsu  te  to
な に ぬ ね の
na  ni  nu  ne  no
は ひ ふ へ ほ
ha  hi  fu  he  ho
ま み む め も
ma  mi  mu  me  mo
ら り る れ ろ
ra  ri  ru  re  ro
や ゆ よ
ya  yu  yo
わ を ん
wa  -o  -n/m

That's the basic sound for those hiragana character. There are more additional explanatory things on it though which i don't think I will explain further since I can see from your face that I'm boring you to death. So let's not torture you further. (Can save that for someday.. xp) 268pages for the Japanese textbook and where am I? page 26.. Wonder when I'll finish it.. Haha.. Well, I think I better get going, another long day later, so take care people... 元気でね!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Looks really hard! Good for you to study so hard.

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Patrick said...

I'm interested in the language (and some other Japan-related stuff.), so thought of spending some of my free time learning that. =)

Mary Witzl said...

Who's bored? I've spent half my life studying Japanese. By the way, I have seen Chinese and Japanese names rendered in katakana, to show that they belong to Americans, not real Chinese or Japanese. Funny, but true.

Patrick said...

I see. by the way, just to make it clear, I'm studying my accounts subject here, and not japanese. I'm extremely interested in Japanese, so doing it when I'm bored of seeing my notes..=)