Sunday, October 11, 2009

It Was The Right Decision After All...

I was tired, exhausted, sleepy, drowsy, blah blah blah....but at the same time happy and glad...=) Glad that I actually decided to go for the movie with Charmaine and Angeline at Mid Valley. Guess it was the right decision I made. Feels good after that movie. And glad to meet up with the both of them, who I haven't really talk much to since f5 in high school. Seems like you guys doing well currently. Glad to see (and hear) that.. =D

I had an exhausting 6 hours session on Saturday with my f8 lecturer before the meet, which is why I was unsure whether to go or not... Super duper tired and sleepy. Even after taking a cup of coffee in the morning! Okay, it was basically my own fault, slept for only 3 hours plus that night, ended up being really really drowsy in class.(I think I did sleep during the lecture...ooopss XD) So it's no secret that I'm so glad when the class ended. Went straight to board a train to Mid Valley to meet up with the both of them.

We went for the movie 'Surrogates'. Not the best movie around but also not the worst la. Okay la.. After the show, back home-thanks to Charmaine for the ride.. My driver for the night.. XD Well, hope to see you guys around more often. Just give me a message ya.. ;) Here's some pics from the meet--->

Me, Angelina and Charmaine..

Me and Charmaine.. (I look so dark in this pic..haha)

Angeline and me...


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Looks like great time with friends!
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Patrick said...

Yup, it is.. =)