Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Journal on My weekend...

As usual, I slept late again on Saturday morning. It was around 5am in the morning when I finally fell asleep without being able to complete even two pages of my lecture notes. Sigh. Fell asleep on the floor with the lights still on, which turned out to be the reason I was woken up three hours later by my brother. I was a bit annoyed, being disturbed in the middle of my sleep as I had a date with some of my friends at 11am that morning. And so, I moved my lazy ass up, close the light, shifted to bed to continue sleeping and then I suddenly remembered something-Where's my tortoise?

I spent the next 10 minutes searching for it around my room, was worried that I stepped on it, as it's still small in size. Even my brother join in the search, but 2 guys waking up so early in the morning just to search for a tortoise?! Oh, this will really make a good laugh. LOL.. At last found it hiding in the small space behind the cabinet. Phew~ I was actually playing with it before I fell asleep, thinking that since it's so passive, it wouldn't be running around the room, but how wrong I was. I then spent the remaining hours before the meet with friends watching baseball (the Yankees..) and doing some house chores since I'm already wide awake.

At 11 plus, I was at 'The Pastry' (I think this is the name of the shop...) with Charmaine, Angelina and Felicia Hong. Was joined by Sue Juin midway through it. Well, we had a great deal of talks-on our school life, our work, our friends, our studies, etc. Had my lunch there too before leaving at 2pm as Charmaine had to leave for her informal interview. Then headed straight to my mum's office at Selayang Mall. Went there to get my tennis racquet grip done, as I was gonna have a tennis game at 5pm in the evening with Ben, Meng and Adeline.

I was really exhausted after the 3 hours session, as I hadn't been going for any outdoor activity for about a week plus, and what with only three hours of sleep this morning. My whole body ached, but I still ended up going for a movie with them (after forcing someone to come along of course..xp)-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was a really stupid show, but funny it was. A good movie for some laugh to relieve stress. (good thing Adeline came along and watched this show, or else she would have continued her attempt to destroy my car and belongings in order to let go some of her stress..*sigh of relief* XP) Enjoyed it very much.

It was already past midnight when I reached home. Was so damn tired. Whole body aching but I still attempt to try to study but to no avail. Sigh. And it's Sunday again, a sign that Monday is approaching. I went to 1U and meet up with Ben and Joanne Khan in the afternoon. My second time meeting her..(Hi there! =)) Wasn't in my plan initially but it was nice to meet them. Turned out to be another present hunting session for her roommate, who has the same birthday as me! (31st October 1988.. Please remember this, guys..XD)

Went back around 6pm-my car alarm didn't work so had to go to Parkson to get the battery changed or else we wouldn't be able to get back. Well, that sums up my weekend. Planning to enjoy my remaining Sunday with my books before the clock slowly ticks to midnight. I hope that you guys had a good weekend too. Hopefully it'll be a good week ahead of us. Till then, take care people..=)

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Adeline Tan said...

hey! there was no attempt to destroy your car at all k, nada~ just wanted to break your tennis racquet... =P

and ok lah... the tennis+dinner+movie with you guys did some help for me... thanks ya'll~