Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival Everyone!

It's the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and that means Mooncake Festival! All right, it's not really much of a cause for celebration though. I don't light up candles or play those lanterns (tanglung) anymore, something which I think can make a good laugh if I'm seen doing it alone! XD Used to do that when I'm still a kiddo last time. It was...okay la. The best part I remember will be when we light up anything other than the candles-and got scolded. Haha...

So how do I spend my day? Usual boring stuff la. Nothing unusual except that i went to help out my friend with her assignments and I went jogging. Yes, JOGging! I know, I know. I actually don't like jogging. I'm more of a speed runner, so it's a 'torture' to run long distance..(oops..) haha. Not exactly la. But my brain was like 'let's stop this torturing activity!"XD And i was half jogging and walking. Thanks to Adeline la. XD Jog so slow till I was like 'she's not here yet, can rest!' haha.. (too excited already till no energy left right?lol..) Seriously prefer speed running. Did some just now and feels real good now..

And of course, there's the mooncake. Ate a few of them. And wanna thanks everyone for their wishes. Happy mooncake festival to you guys too..=) There's one thing I wanna talk about here though. I got messages telling me to see the moon. I was like 'What's so special about the moon, huh?' I thought you can see full moon every month?? Sound like some people have not seen the moon for a long long time huh?..XD

That more or less sums up my day. Ohya, I was really really obsessed with the song 'Colors'. Really like it. So obsessed with it till I play it for the whole day today! Again! haha..But I guess I better switch channel for a bit, or else I'll get bored of this song soon. Hmmm.. Guess that's all for now, folks. Till then, take care! ^____^


Adeline Tan said...

eh, it was your suggestion loh... wanna blame me for JOGGING pulak... =P

Patrick said...

Adeline : Yala yala.. But you're slow lo..xp

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Happy Mooncake Festival! Glad you enjoyed the Space Needle pics!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Patrick said...

Thanks, Julie. :)