Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some ramblings...

You know, it's really been some time ever since I write things out in a clear and direct manner. Looking back at my posts, it has all been in prose forms, well, you can't blame me, I have my reasons and preferences at times. (Not that anyone will read it if I write it out this way though. lol) Stupid one, I know.

So how're you guys doing? I;ve been busy, working throughout the weekdays, not to mention classes at some of the nights. It's just, well, I'm actually enjoying taking the extra burden. Not much free time, yup, but it feels like my time is spent in a better, much more meaningful way than before. (Not to mention the extra fold of income to be earned..=P) Extra responsibility, more experiences, some learning, well, yea, that's some of it.

Holiday season is pretty much over for most, though I guess I didn't meet up much with you guys. Been really busy. Apologies to Lee especially as he's been calling me few times, with almost each occasion resulting in me rejecting them. And for some moving on to their working life, all the best! =)

Dry and itchy-my sensitive skins is bothering me again, to the extent I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night by it. One said too much of air-cond. Another saying I should consume more 'better quality' oil, well, something like that. I wonder what's the best solution for it..

Well, I think I'm off for now. Short ramblings, as actually I'm not really in the mood for long posts, hope you guys is doing fine out there.. =)


sleepy Kid said...

take care...mb u shld look for a doctor if it is getting worst..or ask sumone take care u well well..=)

enjoy ur busy life..=p

Chin EveLyn said...

qing, yea he should as a doctor or a nurse to take care of him....
his sensitives skin probably due to laziness on putting cream medicine or lotions..

Patrick said...

haha.. Well, it's getting better, so shouldn't be a problem. Mum got me something to put on.. :)

@SleepyKid Sure, I'll enjoy.. Take care too.. :)