Saturday, August 8, 2009

KTM Komuter

I was reading one of my friend's blog n i came across this topic n i tot i wud talk abt our "Very Efficient KTM Komuter" in my blog too(since i'm feeling a bit free now..XD)..Let me jz ask u guys 1 question before dat..Can u imagine 1 day when our commuter service is as efficient as those in Singapore, Hong Kong or even Japan?!(LOL..i guess dats mission impossible huh..)

1 year ago when i started taking the train for my classes, i rmb seeing a notice stating dat they r 'upgrading' their services n wud b lessening the no. of trains in their schedule..N 1 year on, all i c is the inefficient train becoming more n more inefficient..Delays all the time(esp during peak hrs n rain..), cancellations(hate it esp when it happens when i wanna board it..damn!) n breakdowns is now a common thing..Worse still, it's so packed(during peak hrs esp)with ppl dat its so uncomfortable to b in it..

I guess most of u have had bad experiences wif ktm..the day b4(fri, 7th Aug) I was going on the 'limited stop' commuter..n theres this old Indian lady askin whether the train will stop in Seputeh n guess wat..the ktm fella told her it wil when its act nt n the train is ad moving..N she was scolding "wth, u working guys dunno where the heck this train is going??"(wth..they dun even noe their own train schedule..)

Well, if u want a better article, u can read this at Stand Up For Malaysia blog posted by Jonathan Ong(a nice blog if u ask me..interesting for any1 who wants 2 know more issues on our own country..) Well, thats all for now.. Till then, enjoy your weekend every1..^^


jonathan ong said...

Wow, thanks Patrick for linking me in yr blog. It's an honour =)

Patrick said...

No prob..dats really an interesting blog you're having there..^^