Monday, August 10, 2009

One Week to Go!!

swt swt swt.. Exam results comin out in 1 week time.. oh.. nervous? scared? confident?.. reli dunno how im feelin nw.. very worried about my F5 paper.. sh*tty paper.. din plan my time well n ended up din answer a full 20 MARKS QUESTION AT ALL!! now now.. really hope my examiner not so greedy.. hopefully hes kind enuf to make me pass..(can u c this, Geoff Cordwell? XD) reli dun wish 2 re-take this paper.. n dun wanna c the lec again too..!(oops.. hope he din c this..LOL) my other 2 ppl shud by ok(hopefully so la..) Well, wish me luck ya guys.. N to Geoff Cordwell, will u giv me a pass..? Say YES pls......XD
[P.S. gd luck to all others dat r waiting for their results too..=) ]

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