Thursday, August 27, 2009

England+Arsenal=Great! ; No Internet=BORING!!!

First, a big congrats to Andrew Strauss n Co.. Great test in England.. great game.. great victory!!! N farewell to Andrew Flintoff from the world of test cricket.. a great man there... Hooray to England!!!

N als to Arsenal, great start to the season.. 6-1, 2-0, 4-1 n this morning, 3-1 against Celtic!! really great there, esp without injured captain Fab....

Now now.. its been a BLOOODY boring 3 days!!!! a life without internet..(although i stil can fb using my mobile.. XD) reallllyyy s*ckS!! i jz cant imagine how the heck i survived without it before this.. feels like being in a cage, disconnected from ma fb, no msn, no blogging,blah blah blah.....hate it......XD wat a dull life... reli hope my mum get it bac from her fren fast!!! by to9 if possible la.. (can u hear me??...XD) haih.. mayb i shud subscribe 4 a plan... dat shud b beta i guess... hmmmm... (c how la.. haha)..........

this few days mostly on9 in mobile.. (dats costly 2do evry nite... zzz) n the screen is so small!!!! d*mn.....smmore unable to on9 at a time when fb looks so fun... (wif those stupid notesss goin ard...o mayb it looks gd cz i cant on9 la... XD) haih...n can only on9 in office.. T.T conclusion,
(aiyorr..jz say no internet=boring life n fin story muc crap 4 wat..WTH... XD).... i want u bac, internet.....! XD

[P.S. N i reli got it bac today.. bac2 the on9 world.. yeahhh... XD]

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