Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exams, i HATE U...!!!!

The 1 word that I hate to hear..(n i guess 4 most of u too) EXAMS..!!! wat the h*** is exam a?? Y muz v b sitting 4 those d*mn~ing exams...??! According to Wikipedia,"The earliest known standardized tests (which included both practical and written components) are the Chinese Imperial Examinations which began in 587"..( those fella reli hv nothin better 2 do durin those days....XD)

Further on, "In Europe, traditionally school examinations were conducted orally. Students would have to answer questions posed by teachers in Latin, and teachers would grade them on their answers. The first written exams in Europe were held at Cambridge University, England in 1792 by professors who were paid a piece rate and realized that written exams would earn them more money."(y the *tut* cant u 'professors' find sm better jobs 2 do wif ur 'super-smart' brain a..??!LOL..)

Juz imagine a world without Exams..!! We can save so many trees from being cut down jz 4 our stupid exam papers.. do u noe it takes 15 trees jz 2 produce those 'hateful' exam papers?!.. so y the heck r they stil wasting resources jz lik dat..?? (fu~yoh..s though i care..XD)

If only those 'fellas' din start this,(d*mn it..XD) den NO ONE wil b havin a headache(ouch..) tryin 2 study 4 their exams, NO ONE wil b depressed jz coz of it , NO ONE will b feeling sad or nervous BCOZ of it, NO ONE will be committin suicide because of the blinking-stupid-EXAMS...!!!

BCOZ of U, EXAMS!!! All bcoz of u.. if you're not here, most of us wun b lookin so old(hey to u whoever ur, u look lik my grandparents!! XD)..n less hair wil b droppin too..(hey u, is dat fashion? XD) If you're nt here, most of us wun b havin sleepless nitess.. no trouble, no worries n blah blah blah.. Imagine how hpy our teachers wil b, no papers to set n mark, no stupid answers to c, save so muc time 4 other activities(u agree wif me, teachers??..XD) wat a wonderful life it wud b WITHOUT U..!! If only U wil jz disappear from this world.. How wonderful it wud b WITHOUT SAY NO to EXAMS!!! Lets BOYCOTT it evry1..XD

[P.S. hey guys, make sure u study 4 ur exams ya.. XD ( suc a hypocrite, postin this n den tellin u all 2 study..LOL).. oh Man, nw i hav a bad feelin for my comin results on Mon.. swt XD)]

[P.S.S. this post is jz a piece crap so if u dun lik it, jz 4get it n i apologize deeply if theres anything dat u find annoying in this..=) n if u lik it, anything to add on guys?? jz leave sm comment ya.. XD]


Bravebear said...

duno wad to say... haha...

Adeline Tan said...

hey! this is way cool, man!!!
keep it up...
it was better than what i imagine!!!
bravo! bravo!
*standing ovation*

Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

Emm I'm concerned about the environment... the issue of production of papers wasting trees in this world is quite serious, global warming is going insanely serious day by day.
I'm practising recycling in Sabah, actually... love mother earth :)
-Loke Lim

Patrick said...

icic..good la..for the mother earth n also for our next generations to come..^____^