Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mikage Ishi by Uverworld

Hey,guys..Just wana share wif u all the translation of this japanese song dat i lik very much..My fav..Enjoy!^^

Mikageishi by Uverworld

English Title: Will That Casts a Beautiful Shadow
Lyrics & Music by: TAKUYA

There are a countless number of small crossroads in life
We each have our respective futures that we've chosen up ahead, their shapes will change
But no matter what kind of future, I think that we'll be together
For example, if you hadn't come to the store that we first met in
And if I hadn't noticed you at the crosswalk, where we met for the second time
If we were to meet for the first time today, I would still fall in love with you

The sound of the words "I love you" shines as the days increase
Just by being together in an empty rom, everything is so wonderful
With the single phrase "I love you"
You're saying that you can accept all of my bad habits
During those times I fall in love with you so many times that in your heart you'd be embarrassed

"You say that it's for us, but all you do is work"
"I want you to treasure your friends, but do you love me?"
I gave you so many lonely memories that you don't know the answers to these things if you don't ask

Yesterday I heard a conversation that went like this
That Olympic athlete, in his own uniform
Wrote his son's name and got a gold medal
When a person is burdened with something, it makes them stronger
That's definitely something that I say, but what about you?

Just being together gets me through the nights that I shed tears
Smiling and saying "Being too happy is painful", then looking at you
I really thought that I wanted to grow old with you
It's good to cry like a woman, but sometimes it's good to cry like a man too
If we can live each other like human beings
You won't need your fashionable appearance or dignity
And I won't need pretend like I'm tough anymore

When I saw the wonderful scenery, before being moved I thought
I wish I could show this to you
I had planned to live my life for myself, but before I knew it
Your happiness was my own

Knowing the words that I'll say in the next of the constant conversations
I say them right away; Pretending to be annoyed by
The anniversaries that you seem to want to accumulate, the truth is that I'm listening closely
I feel that I want those wishes to come true to what extent that they can
Just a little bit would be fine: I want to get a dog in the house
And have kids, but we're only together sometimes on the weekends
It's definitely not going to be nothing but fun times
But it will be fine as long as we can smile and go to sleep together in the end

Until love that was born with no form goes one day into a world with no form
Because we're connected, the feelings we wish for and our anxieties are the same

Just being together gets me through the nights that I shed tears
Being too happy, there are days when things will get painful
Lovers are all searching, so let's find the answer to true love together

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