Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy bday Cherish n Wei Bing....=D

A very big HAPPY BDAY to Cherish n Wei Bing!!! 29 Aug for the former n 31 Aug for the latter... finally u 2 joins the world of 21... well, me n 3 frens ( Cheng Seng, Adeline n Yhong...)+ 1 superhero (Ben la...) + 1 unknown (ooops... i mean Ke Min.. XD ) celebrated their bday at Stesen Satu in Medan Putra last Fri nite... a very gd nite... although im vry quiet except near the end (mayb cz its midnite liao... XD)... sry 4 being too quiet ya.. was act havin a bit of a headache... well, enjoy listenin to our Clown Cheng Seng talkin... reli made me laugh alot... n Mr. Superman was alw bz.. 1st come for few minutes n cabut~ed... den join us bac for 1 hr n balik gain... (bz saving the world i guess... XD) n den theres the new guy dat i jz knew... Ke Min joining us ard 11+... Here's sm pics for the event...

Bday Boy n Gal!!

from left : Yhong, Cheng Seng, Bing, Cherish, me n Adeline..

Cherish n Superman (Ben)...

This week has been very good.. the kuantan trip wif Adeline, Ben n Meng was reli great... had a good time there.. Made sm new frens too... Well , i'll describe it more in my next post ya... Ohya.. v act send Bing a bday msg dat v create using the 'Tanggal 31' song when vr in the bus to Kuantan... here's how it goes...

Tanggal 31 Bulan 8 88
Hari yg mulia Hari jadi awak
Semoga kau Bahagia dgn B***
Tanggal 31 bulan 8 88
Merdeka Merdeka Hari kau merdeka
Moga hajat Engkau Tercapai

So wat do u think of it?lol.. it was created by Adeline~trick~Kin~Ben... well, hopefully u 2 bday boy n gal had a blast bday... May ur wish(es) cm true... ^__^

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