Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something Positive out of a Bz week..

Well, its been quite a bz week.. a tiring 1 i wud say.. not a very nice week altogether.. but den nt a bad 1.. coz i FINALLY managed to force myself to start STUDYING at home!!(s though u guys care..XD) after so many weeks of slacking n lazy~ing ard.. Certainly a positive thing 4 me.. Esp wif the results comin out tmr on 17th of Aug, i could b even busier if (hope not la.. =.=) my f5 paper is less den 50.....swt!

This weekend is at least so much better den my previous.. wif EPL matches n the PGA Championship to look forward to-->N Tiger Woods is leading by 4 strokes after halfway..yeah!(congrats 2 him on his victory in Firestone Country Club..70th for him there..^^) Makes me recall the 1st time when i read an article on him.. I was wondering wth is this thingy call 'tiger woods'??!..(LOL.. )

In terms of work, not a vry gd week 4 me.. thx 2 a colleague, i hav 2 re-key-in n re-check those account transactions for the whole year!!(d*mn it..n jz bcoz of 1 stupid error!! *cursing* XD) haiz.. 4get bt it.. well, i also had a good chat wif a gd fren abt sm stuff..(stick ur nose smwhere else.. XD) found out dat vr kinda in a similar situation.. *sigh* wat a life..

hmm.. i guess dat wraps up my post 4 this week.. Ohya, b4 i forgot, a very happy bday to Leong Choon Hoong ya.. hope u n ur 'wife' r doin gd..(ru there?.. XD) n wanna wish those stil having exams in uni n those workin ALL THE BEST!!! GAMBATTE!! ^.^ n 4 those waiting 4 their ACCA results, GOOD LUCK ya..!!^__^ .. do share wif me ur gd news ya.. lets tgt hope for the best..=) n to muslims (if u r..) selamat berpuasa ya..(not sure when though..XD) n hpy hol to those havin hol.. (d*mn.. y i dun hv ah..XD)

All rite guys, that's all 4 nw.. take care evry1..^_______________^

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