Thursday, September 24, 2009

23rd Part 1 - Picnic!!

It's been a really really fun but tiring Raya holidays. Really enjoyable and had lots of fun with my bunch of buddies. Too bad that my break ended much earlier. (Or maybe i should say lucky its shorter, huh? My wallet is crying out loud already.. XD) So what do we have now? a Picnic! in Desa Parkcity.. and yes, it's my first ever picnic with anyone. A great one but its Soooooo HOT!!

The event was organised by Dr. Sum. A great idea but a bad planner...Oooopps... XD So many flaws in the plans.. But it'll be boring if everything just go according to plans. So don't worry, Sum.. We won't blame you for NOT confirming whether picnic~ing in desa parkcity is allowed. Neither will we blame you if we are KICKED OUT of there after bringing those foods there, right guys? XD joking...

Ben and I was put in charge of the drinks part. After some thinking, we decided to follow Adeline's suggestions on making 'tang yuen'.. (so greedy, that Adeline. want this and that.. xp) Had fun doing it with Ben and his mum. Tasty right? As expected from me and Ben la..XD

That morning, have to wake up damn early. First time for months I wake up that early. Thanks to a 'ma-fan' people.. (ooopss..) Fetch a few people to Cherish's house (last minute only do sandwiches...ended up Bernard and Yoon Yee helping.. and yet Cherish was so free walking around when I reached.. Isn't it? XD joking...)

Reach there at 8.30, an eventful ride before that. The soup for the 'tang yuen' split out to my car cushion. (Oh no.. ) We found a good spot which at that time was good as it blocks the sun from us. Just when we finish unloading all our foods and drinks container down, one of the guards came and told us picnic not allowed and I'm like 'shit! where now?' Lucky we didn't go off, as it turns out that another guard gave us the thumb-up during his next patrol. Maybe because we kept the place clean. (not sure though..)

And then on to foods and drinks.. (paling hangat - sandwiches and tang yuen...nice right? XD) then photographs, photographs and photographs--till around 11+ when it's super hot that most of us can't stand it, so we decided to leave.. Some pics--->