Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blood Donation...

Blood donation! My third one so far. It was held at 17th floor of the same building as my college. Actually planned to go at around 11-12 noon. But ended up reaching there around 1.30pm. And it was packed! Didn't know that it will attract so many people. Thanks to that, I was late for my class. Late by an hour and a half!! Damn! Should have went earlier. If only I woke up earlier. *sigh* But no choice la. I slept at 6am this morning leh. Need to sleep at least 5 hours for the donation, though I don't think I did. (EXCUSES!!! XD)

The whole thing was done in a small room. 9 beds (that's beds right?I don't really know what you call those bedlike chairs..) in total for the event. 9 BEDS!!! And I ended waiting for more than an hour before my turn came. (ok la.. maybe its not that bad after all) Was actually debating whether to continue queuing up or just leave for my class. But I guess I don't really mind skipping the first half of my class. Ooops.. XD While waiting, I read my lecture notes and listen to some songs from my phone. And then finally comes my turn. fuh~~... Finally!!

I guess you guys know the process. No need for me to explain. Some of the measurement taken : weight-60 kgs & blood pressure-132/72. What's the normal pressure ah? forgot already. Was thinking of asking the woman back then but she seems to be busy. And then they ask what time I slept yesterday. And guess what? I lied to her. Well, of course I lied. Wouldn't want to be kicked out from the room for not having enough sleep. I mean it's no big deal what time i sleep right? It's not like I'll faint or anything. And coupled with the fact that she looks like someone who's very strict, I decided to say 'pass' to the truth. (was wondering whether my blood pressure rise when I lied. Coz she was checking mine that time..XD)

Then on to those 'bed'. Nothing much there. But I was hoping that no one saw the small hole at the heel part of my shoe. Don't think anyone saw it though. Guess it's time to change soon. (poor me.. shoe also got hole already.. anyone kind enough get me one? XD) And my heart was pumping faster than a bullet train when the nurse was about to inject. Guess I hate that i-dunno-what-you-call-'em feeling those injection gave me. Then after finish donating 450 ml of my blood, my hand become sort of numb. The scar left from the needle was actually swollen. Couldn't even carry my bag with my left hand. (Great!! Another imperfection to an otherwise perfect body of mine. XD) The other 'imperfection'? It's my left leg. Still giving me a bit of a trouble. Not much though. Hopefully it'll heal soon.

After that, rush to my class. Hmmm. No big problem being late. Piece of cake to catch up..XD Luckily I read what he's gonna teach yesterday. If not it'll really be big trouble. And I was DAMN SLEEPY!!! ( really must thank that 'someone' for this! XD) Luckily it's just an hour and a half left...

Well, that pretty much sums up my day. After that it was the same old routine again.. I guess that's all for now.. Take care everyone =D

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