Saturday, September 19, 2009

Damn Pissed Off....

Finish my class at 5 o'clock, I rushed to ktm hoping to get on an early train back home. I was thinking of the various things I have to do when I reach Kepong while waiting. And I wait and wait till I started to get annoyed. 1720-delay + no announcement. Never mind. It's Malaysia's KTM we are talking about. So then I wait again.. 1740-another delay! And no announcement of what's wrong. At 1750, I decided to go over to the other platform hoping to get on the limited stop shuttle train. Make a new friend at that time. Wei Seng's the name. (you there?.. =D)

And the same process took place. Wait and wait and wait. This time at least I have someone to talk to. Or else I'll be cursing the bloody crappy ktm openly. 3 hours is what it takes to reach Kepong KTM!! 3 damn bloody hours I wasted waiting for that train!! Fine! As expected of our 'efficient' train service. But then, I remembered something that I read recently which made me more pissed off with this whole thing-->
TEMERLOH, 16 Sept — Kerajaan Malaysia, di bawah teraju Najib Razak semalam  mengumumkan bahawa Kerajaan dengan usahasama Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC), Persatuan Sukan Permotoran Malaysia, Naza Motor dan Air Asia telah menubuhkan pasukan lumba kereta Formula 1 dengan nama 1Malaysia. Pasukan ini akan menyertai sirkit F1 pertamanya pada musim 2010.-Malaysian Insider
So Mr. Najib is going to waste the taxpayers' money for a bloody costly F1 programme is it? What happened to his slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”?? Why don't someone just tell Mr. Najib to take ktm to work for a year, maybe a month perhaps and maybe he'll think twice on his decision again.Why can't he realize that there is so much more within our country that needs his attention rather than an F1 team for 2010 Season?!
“Why waste billions and make inferior cars to waste on F1 when a RM20 cow head and caning a model can get Malaysia global news coverage? F1 is foreign but those incidents are truly Malaysian!”-Malaysian Insider
Have you received a text message containing the above statement? Well, If you haven't, then you have seen it now. So now the thing is Mr. Prime Minister is saying that by creating this F1 team, our country name will be known worldwide. That it will be ‘Made-in-Malaysia, by Malaysians’ and of course, the pit-stops will be run by Malaysians'. And Dr. Mahathir was saying “With the F1 race, Malaysia is shown to the world for hours. We don’t have to pay a single sen. If we were to calculate the advertisement in Japan alone, it may run into US$100 million or US$200 million. So imagine ... more than 300 television stations telecast the F1 race. People will know more about Malaysia if we have our own F1 team.” So we should be proud as a Malaysian that we have an F1 team when countries like Singapore and Indonesia don't have, is it? And now I ask you, you think if you are a foreigner, which one will be more attractive to you, the cow of the car?

Now, Mr. Prime Minister, some of you may be happily showing off to the whole world that Malaysia has its own F1 team-which may be a good thing. But do you know that the rest of us are worried with the way you handled the country, the way you waste the people's money at a time when economy are still considered bad, the way you and your buddies handled the PKFZ scandal, the cow issues and so much more...If only you could think in a wider scope with your small brain, then we would probably have better days to look forward to. Alas, but that's not the case...

It's sad to know that Malaysians have given their votes to a party which before this WAS a party that we can relied much on BUT currently a party so full of the mentality to win and win until most of the Rakyat needs are ignored. A party so full of corruption that public accountability is a 'NO-NO'. A party which is so narrow minded that oppositions' views are never taken into account. A party so desperate to cover up the truth that websites reporting on the real deal is investigated and made inaccessible.

When is the current Government going to keep in touch with the people's needs? The KTM for example. I remembered my lecturer told me recently that in order for a country to be a 'developed country', they must have an efficient transport system. Look at Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and so on. All their train services are ways better than ours. And yet our resources are being used in something that may not be so relevant to us now. Just how much more are you people gonna waste???!


Duncan said...

yes,i m here,hahahaha

Patrick said...

thanks for visiting.. =)

hellscream88 said...

Nope, the money is not going to waste.
They already made this planning long-a-long time ago. The money will safely flow into their pockets. Where got waste? lolx
KTM is owned by Badawi's family, if money is to pump in it, Najib earn a shit lo.. haha

That why... 1 Malaysia F1

Patrick said...

Haha.. you got a point there..