Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Born Lucky?!

I don't know how much posts I have read nowadays. It could be 30, 40.. or maybe 100 for all I know. (not so much la.. that would be crazy.. XD) All I know is that most of my free time had been spent on reading blogs. (or rather most of my supposed-to-be-studying time..) Why am I so engaged in blogs? Well, I'm not sure myself. Maybe it's because I wish to know about other people's experience. Their life in different part of the world sounds interesting. Listening to their stories, complaints, ramblings and blah blah blah on their life.

Lately I enjoy reading blogs of elders. Enjoy reading posts on their life, whether past or present, their family,.... Well, it'll be endless and pointless to list all. Reading their experiences in life just make me think how little 'taste' I have of this life yet. Well, being a gonna-be-21-soon kid, I guess I still have lots waiting for me.

On to the topic, I actually came across a few blogs of dads having children with down syndrom. I have not personally met any people in this kind of situation yet. So it's actually something new to me. Makes me eager to know how these people cope with it. And I found out that most are living a good life. (for those that I have read la)

And then on to the thinking (reflection) part, I realized just how lucky I was (and still am) to be born in good conditions just like any other kid. Okay, I'm not trying to say that born with diseases such as down syndrom is bad.. I mean which crazy person in this world would wish for a child or wish to be born with some sort of disabilities? (hmmm.. Maybe there are.. I guess there are always some weirdos around..)

Being born normal and able to live just like every other normal kid, I guess i really should thank God for that. Countless people around the globe might not be eating what I eat, might not be drinking what I'm drinking, might not afford to buy anything like me, might not have a home to stay in or even to do anything or enjoy life like me. Just imagine in those war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Imagine some of those people over there, starving and not having enough to eat, struggling hard to survive. And imagine you being one of them.. Yes, i mean YOU! Imagine how long you can survive...

Living in such good environment, and yet most of us are complaining hard. (myself included.. haha) Some of us can even afford to waste. E.g. water, electricity, food, blah blah blah.. (you know better than me right? Since you waste so much...XD) And some of this 'waste' may be what those 'struggling' people wish for right at this moment. So each time you want to waste, try to think of those situations. Talking bout wasting, I myself don't  like people wasting food. Hate to see people doing that actually. Maybe it was because I was taught not to do so since young.

I guess most of us are born lucky. Aren't you? So remember when you complain about life next time, remember that there might be countless people who wishes for the life you're having. Feel grateful for all that you have and appreciate it well.. ^___^


Chibimoni said...

*faints* memang u like blogging so much o. This kind of hour blogging pulak. Btw the wasting food thing got exception e. Some food punya portion memang too big till 1 person can't finish. Then some time family member can finish those portion alone so kenot share...then takkan muz force oneself to eat finish...yor...

Last time dad oso owez scold if tak finish. Will not go home till the plate is empty. But slowly2 he give up jo. Coz memang kenot help see ppl eat till mau vomit coz of overeating...XD But the point is...ada exception la...as long bkn sengaja waste...Soli tok so panjang to point out 1 point nia. Hoho

Patrick said...

Chibimoni : That would be okay. I'm talking about some people who likes to order or cook a lot (when they can't eat much), then ended up not finishing them. Or even those purposely wasting food la. Just like when you eat at home, leftovers can be kept for the next day or used for other purpose, but some people actually just throw them off.

Well, what to do. I suddenly thought of the topic so just write it out. And I don't mind long comments. That will be okay. :)

Bravebear said...

I like your post. Last time used to think that I am unfortunate. But since shifting back to sri sinar. I start to appreciate all that I have gone through and have... I am not handicapped nor am I starving or homeless or in the mid of a battlezone.

Ppl just take alot of things for granted. Wasting is so easy when we dont work for it. There is this quote I once heard "Ppl who truly understand pain and suffering are those who once had happiness." Its when we lose what we have that we start to treasure things. Might not apply to all but when I recall this, I feel sad seeing everything that is going on around me. How ppl can take so much food and not even finish half of it. Pat, its never too late to realize anything. Its better late than never. Agree? haha =)

Patrick said...

Bravebear: Yup. Agree with you. Sometimes I envy them. Living such simple life with simple dreams, simple wishes and not asking much things for life.