Thursday, September 24, 2009

23rd Part 2 - Black Top Party!!

The 'Black Top Party'! Or maybe not that black thanks to the clown wearing shirt with black fringe instead of a black shirt. (ooopps..) Why black top? Well, I forgot to ask the birthday girl why she wants it that way. Held at Paparich in Metro Prima to celebrate Wai Hong's birthday and a belated Seng's birthday.(already didn't wear black la, somemore dare to come late.. XD)

As usual, I was late. Or rather we are-me, Ben, Sum and Adeline. Fetch Sum back home to get his camera battery (till now, I still can't shake off the image of Sum in my head, bringing his camera to mid valley without battery and trying to take photoes... XD), went to get cakes and some panadols for headache-ended up there at almost 9. Late by about 1 hour! Sorry bout that..At least better then Seng, 2 hours..xp

Ordered food and drinks, some chit-chatting, led by Adeline of course. Oh, did I tell you that we had about 5 'peaceful and quiet' minutes when she went to the toilet? XP One surprising thing-didn't expect the birthday gal to wear dress. It's always jeans and T. All right, maybe I haven't seen her out much, so that's why I've never seen her in it before la..(looks good though..XD) Well, then more photographs. ~Cut short story~ Finally time for birthday cake and song. Now now, what a lucky guy that Cheng Seng, 4 celebrations for him! That means 4 cakes and 4 wishes!! Greedy fella.. Hope all your wishes don't come true.. Oopps.. Typo error.. I mean come true.. =D And not forgetting yhong, the same goes for you.. ^__^

I guess normally after songs and wishes, everyone will be eating the cake. But the chocolate cake was sooo hard. Maybe coz they put in it in the fridge for us. So we ended up watching a birthday video for yhong together first.(Adeline's idea and thanks to everyone that helps with the video..^___^) That video is...ermm.. well, just 1 comment.. That guy inside is really really NOT me..XD (Must thank Ben also-didn't sleep whole night to finish it..)

Before we part, present UN-wrapping took place. Well, although its not much, we hope you guys like it.. ^__^ Well then, end of story~~~
 ~Happy Birthday to Wai Hong and a Be'late-late'd Birthday wish to Seng~

Black Top Gang...


Cool Pic~if kick out Cherish~XD

My Trademark..XD


Adeline Tan said...

really really nice day for us all...
seeing the number of times my name appear, can't deny that some of the reasons are coz of me loh... =P

really like the last minute arrangement of wearing black... really work out well...
apart from seng... haha..

Jennifer Brindley said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the comments and look forward to peeking around your blog as well! :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Patrick said...

Thanks so much for visiting, Jenn..=)