Sunday, September 27, 2009

Superb Week...

It's been a superb week altogether, with so many activities around with my friends. Was out almost everyday and each time, mum was like 'Again?'..(OK,OK.. I'm gonna be a good boy after this..XD) How I wish it's back to last Saturday again... Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself. It's Sunday and most of you guys will be busy again with your uni life +college..(will miss you guys..=D)

All right then, let's continue on the story of my week from where I left it. Let's see.. Wednesday was the party. So thursday is where I start.. Well, it's a Super Duper boring day. Was working that day. (more like working to fight my sleepiness..was really really tired..) The same for Friday, since my college classes already started. Nothing much to talk on there. Boring routines. Supposed to have a karaoke session in the morning, but cancelled..(arghhh.. i wanna sing-k!!! XD)

Saturday, went out for tennis again with Ben, Adeline and Yhong (a surprised inclusion..). This time we went in the evening. Wouldn't want another sun-burnt game. Really enjoy tennis that day 'cause my SERVE IMPROVED!!! (yesss!) Good progress there.. Hope to continue improving my game. Played till about 8pm before we decided to go back for a bath before going out for the gathering to meet Lee who just came back from Singapore at Pakhailam Kopitiam. (Good thing I offered Yhong a ride to the gathering with us or else the 'ffk queen' would have ffk! ooopps... xp)

Glad to meet up with Lee. It's been quite some time since I last saw him. (Used to see him at least once a month last sem.. Came back so often till my mum even asked me about it!) Still the same old Lee-a pair of eyes, one nose, one mouth, a pair of ears, black hair,...what else? XD People present in the gathering-me, Ben, Adeline, Yhong, Yoon Yee, Bernard, Tiong Lun, Chun Hong and Lee himself. Then Lee suggested going to 'Remember to Eat' restaurant and we are like 'We are broke, man!'. But since he was so 'generous' to say the magic sentence-'I Pay', we agreed to go in the end. (More like we talked him into it.. XP) Thanks, Lee.. And glad that you like our present for you.. =)

Another day past just like that and it's Sunday today.. *sigh* Had a 'nightmare' this morning while sleeping..(Thanks for the nightmare wish from someone la...xp) Very weird nightmare. Lucky it's not real. Wanna know what i dreamed? Hmmm... Guess what.. I forgot... xp Then in the afternoon, went out with Lee and Ben to the Curve. Shopping! But Lee's the one spending non-stop. What a carefree guy. No financial worries. Good thing we talked him into treating us the day before.. (ooppss..XD)

Was just walking around. Too broke to get anything.. XD Tiring but at least it's not present hunting la. Actually we planned to watch movie, but little 'Kok-chang' (okay, i don't know how you spell it. Sounds something like that when his dad calls him..) wanna have dinner with his pappa and mamma.. (xp...) So ended up going back at 8pm. Had Big Apple donuts before that. Good day overall.. And I saw a backpack and a cardigan that I like.. But don't know when will get it la.. (too expensive....)

Time really flies.. And it's already 9+pm here. Time to go back to university life. Some might be on their way back already by now. Others preparing themselves for it. And not forgetting some preparing for their new semester in college... I will definitely miss you guys.. It's been a fun holiday with you people around.. Let's all work hard in our studies for now.. ALL THE BEST!!!

Time to start my own engine too~~~ Vroom vrooom~~~


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