Sunday, September 20, 2009

A tiring but great Saturday..

Woke up at 12+ in the afternoon. (Usual time for a 'night owl' like me..) Had an appointment at 1U with some friends at 1pm. Rush rush rush. By the time I fetched Ben, reached 1U, got a parking space and met Cherish and Adeline in front of the DC shop, it was already 2+ pm. (okok.. I know we are late.. But it's because we are unable to get parking space lo.. [EXCUSES!] trying to cover up for our lateness...XD)

On to presents hunting. What a headache! Walk here, walk there. See this, see that. No to this, no to that. Shops after shops we go. Met Wei Chean in the process. And Ke Min too. ( + Randy sms Adeline that he saw us) Then halfway through all these, Cherish had to leave for his appointment. (I think it's dental.. is it?lol..) After that, had our lunch (more like Ben and me having our lunch with Adeline watching us with her saliva drooling..ooopss..forgot you will be reading this..sorry for telling the truth! XD)  Then on we walked for our unfinished business there...

Then reached a shop that I should not have stepped in in the first place. Well, what happened there? I saw some nike shoes that I like so much!! And as you would have guessed, I ended up buying it. Nice shoe, nice to wear, nice to see, and so 'NICE' to pay... haha.. But I like that shoe very much. Since my casual shoes already had a hole in it, I decided to buy it. At first thought that there's a 10% discount. But turned out it'a new arrival. So no discount! (arghhhhh.. officially bankrupt.. bread and maggi from now.. XD) Here's a picture on it---->

So what do you think? Nice? Planning to use it for casual wear and my other pair for sports. Well, enough on the shoes. Back to the present hunting. Search, think, look here and there and finally by about 7pm, its DONE!! Finally... Leg was getting tired. Long time I didn't walk and shop for so long already. Adeline was complaining of back pain.(old already..xp) Ben on the other hand was still so active going into shops looking around.

Was actually supposed to have tennis game at 7pm. But it was raining heavily so ended up postponed to Sunday. Since we are free, the three of us decided to go for a movie - G-Force... Nice movie, cute hamsters and guinea pigs, funny at times. Overall an enjoyable one. Done with the movie the movie, everyone was hungry by then. So after getting some things done at the MPH ( met Thomas Yap.. been a long time since I saw him..), off for dinner of fish ball mee somewhere in Metro Prima. We were actually the last customers there. While eating, had a nice conversation with the both of them. The conversation makes me think just how wrong or misleaded the people in this world can go... Alas, we are not them to change what's on their mind. Hopefully they will stumble back to the right path...

Well, a tiring but nice day spent with my friends. Enjoyed it. Although it's also a costly day for me. More activity to come. Hope to enjoy the time with my friends well before they go back to their uni life.. ^___^


Adeline Tan said...

hmn... see my saliva dripping, then should at least offer tissue lah... =P

and shopping is really not for me!! worse than my wataniah training!!!!

Patrick said...

No lo. Tissue so cheap. I offered you the food. Just that you don't want..XD

And TOTALLY agree with you. Hate shopping. Especially when you are not getting anything.

charhcy said... detailed. Haha. Nice shoes btw...:)

Patrick said...

Thanks, Charchy. I guess I was too free. XD

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Enjoyed your day with you. Haha. Those are cool shoes too.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so pleased you enjoyed my photography.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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Patrick said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Julie. =D