Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 'Odd-oNe-ouT'?

It's been another lazy Sunday for me.. Woke up at 2pm in the afternoon (slept at 5am yesterday.. very normal for me already.. ^^) then straight to blogs, blogs and more blogs.. really having fun reading blogs.. (yes yes.. i know I should be studying.. but I need PLENTY of rest for my brain la...XD)

then around 5pm started watching Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade at home.. hmmm... the 1st 30 to 45 minutes was boring to me.. (the scenes are quite dark..) so bored that my head was actually nodding.. And just when I thought of clicking on the 'X' button, it starts getting really interesting and funny.. And from there on, was laughing most of the time.. Not a bad show to watch.. Had a real good laugh..=D

Well, on the the main topic.. While I was reading 'the bearded one's' blog, i came across this sentence : "I have an older brother and a younger sister, and I always felt like the odd one out." And then I ask myself aren't I an 'odd one out' too? So why do I feel so?

As most of you know, I'm kinda a quiet person (or rather very).. So you can guess how I am at home.. Seldom talk to my mum.. To my bro and sis still okay la.. But when it comes to family gathering, 99.99% you'll see me do anything BUT talking... to make it worse, I'm not very good in speaking cantonese or mandarin and that's the common language there.. (especially when the talk is on current issues.. oh my.. I really can't find the suitable chinese words for those so most of the time I prefer listening..

So that's where the feeling of being an 'odd one out' came from.. Unable to communicate well with them.. unable to share my views.. sometimes feels like a big fool sitting there quietly when the rest are talking around... but of course if my cousins are around then it's a different story la.. At home also the same.. particularly with my mum.. we don't really talk much unless it's neccessary.. well, how do you expect me to tell her much in a language that i'm totally a 'banana'?!

Of course that feeling also surfaced when I'm mixing with people that I'm not familiar with.. being a quiet person, it's hard for me to start talking, especially when the topics are not right and so do the language... So, have you people ever felt that? yes? no? don't know? Well, you know yourself best...

A new week on the rise.. Monday's coming fast... Weekends coming to an end.. how i wish for a longer weekend... XD Well, hope you guys have a good week.. ^____^


Kim Ayres said...

EEEK! How do I turn the music off that starts playing here? No offence, but any piece of music is going to only appeal to a small number of people.

Anyway, my apologies, I didn't come here specifically to moan at you, only to say hi and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog :)

Patrick said...

LOL.. I'm okay with people's opinions, be it good or bad.. so it's okay for me.. i'm a new blogger.. saw most of my frens do that.. so just follow suit.. dun worry.. I'm gonna remove it.. thanks for the advice...

And thank you for visiting mine too, Kim... ^__^

Emil Kirstein said...

The older one gets the more you realize the value of family.

Patrick said...

Hi, Emil Kirstein. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Well, I do agree with your comment. generally people gets wiser when they are older, don't they? And I believe that it applies to me as well, especially once I have my own family to think about. Not to say I don't value family now. It's just that maybe I'm just too quiet. Don't talk much and don't share things out coupled with the language problem. So I ended up not truly understanding my relatives.